Ab Initio

Today is September 1, 2015. Tomorrow is the deadline for putting up the final curriculum vitae (CV) at my college, IIT Delhi, for placements starting this season from December 1. I still have not created a CV for myself due to the dilemma which I have been going through for quite some time now. Should I go for placements and join the industry at some handsome salary or pursue my dream, IAS? So, should I play safe or take a huge risk which could cost me a couple of years of my life?

But, now I think, I have decided. Guess what? I am going for Civil Services preparation! My prelims is in August next year and my preparation level is ZERO. But, at least, I have done some basic research on what books and materials I should follow. I have also decided my mains optional subject to be Mathematics. I have a very busy semester here at IIT Delhi. But I don’t have time anymore and I must start my UPSC preparation NOW! I will try to give a couple of hours daily initially to the dream of my life. Come on, let’s do it. Phooooh…. Let’s start ab initio.

To be or Not to be …

How does one ever decide what he or she wants to be in life? The truth is that only few have the absolute clarity on the issue, and the rest of us just strive with the dilemma within.